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A Tribe Called Quest - The Hop (Beats, Rhymes & Life 1996)


Outkast - Ms. Jackson (Stankonia 2000)

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New Amy Winehouse track, featuring Nas called ‘Like Smoke’.

From her forthcoming posthumous album ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’.


Justice - Ohio

Q-Tip - Let’s Ride (1999)

Daft Punk - Da Funk

Thundercat - Is It Love (d/l)


The best amazon review I have ever read

Ian Shine on Los Angeles by Flying Lotus:

"Yesterday morning I awoke to find this album sitting on my kitchen table. Despite the fact that I had never laid eyes on it before, I knew it had been there forever. I lowered myself to the floor and pressed the disc to my cheek; it was unnaturally cool. Disorientated and confused I lay there, paralysed, as an almighty cacophony broke about my person. Jangling, bitter, discordant and utterly beautiful, I wept like a child until it past and dusk once again settled its mantle of calm about my shoulders. For this reason, the fact that I own no other possessions and to combat the dreadful low-frequency throb that fills my soul when I am not awarding marks to things, I give this object five stars."

Flying Lotus - Camel (d/l)

The Drums - Book of Revelation - Portamento (2011)

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